Restoring Digital Trust

State-of-the-art technologies to protect your most precious data assets.


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About Us

We develop security technologies that restore trust in digital assets.

Our core mission is to help protect our customer’s most precious asset: their data. Our solutions give users unprecedented control over their data and are suitable for technology, healthcare, security, legal and other highly sensitive contexts.

Data Security

Keep your data secure and auditable using Blockchain technology.

Data Integrity

Reduce business risks by detecting data corruption and tampering.

Data Provenance

Establish data provenance for forensic analysis and audits.


A scalable technology for collecting, managing and orchestrating cyber evidence.  Qostodian is designed to provide full data lifecycle auditability, data-loss prevention and tampering detection.

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Blockchain Consulting

We help bring blockchain ideas to life. Our team can help you ask the right questions, deploy proofs of concepts, and unlock the technology’s potential within your organization.

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