Bringing digital trust to your data assets


To bring digital trust, security and availability to your data assets

Data assets are amongst the most valuable assets in modern organizations. It is time to act to guarantee the integrity of these valuable assets.

Our technologies leverage enterprise-grade immutable ledger technology, automatic detection and real-time reporting to enable a new trust paradigm for data.

Our Qostodian platform results in unprecedented control, trust and reporting over data assets and is ideal for highly sensitive and regulated sector applications.


Automatic detection and real-time reporting.



Protect sensitive data assets and easily achieve and surpass data protection compliance requirements — solutions for banking, insurance, and financial services firms designed to meet current and future needs.



Eliminate the need for printing and safekeeping critical legal documents. Qohash can take custody of your data assets (i.e., PDF, images) and guarantee their security, integrity, and availability for future use.

Defence and security

Track critical data assets are ranging from logs to video files to guarantee true end-to-end trust and integrity at every step of the enterprise process.


Control applications

For PC-based controllers, Qohash offers deployable agents that can guarantee the integrity of your devices, forward trusted device information, and more.

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